5 Ways to Create Viral Social Media Content

12 April 2023

Do you want to increase your social media following and broaden your brand’s reach? Creating content that goes viral can be a powerful tool for growing your online presence. With so much noise on the internet today, it’s becoming harder than ever to ensure your content stands out from the crowd.

The good news is that with some innovative strategies and creative thinking, there are still ways to create content that people will naturally share around the web — and get you seen by more potential customers.

In this blog post, we’ll look at five critical tips for creating compelling social media posts that have “viral” written all over them. Read on as we cover everything from focusing on emotion-packed visuals to crafting catchy headlines!


1. Be controversial – but not too controversial


When trying to make content that will go viral on social media, it’s essential to test the limits of your audience. While you should avoid being overly controversial, a little amount of it may help get people talking and increase their interest in what you have to say.

Making an argument or expressing a viewpoint likely to be rejected by most people is one technique to accomplish this goal. This might involve taking a stance on a topic currently being discussed or expressing an opinion contrary to the consensus.

No matter what you choose, you should ensure that it is sufficiently thought-provoking to attract your followers’ attention and spark conversation among them.

Creating information that questions established values or ideas is an additional strategy that can be utilized. This might involve calling into question widely held beliefs or bringing attention to outmoded procedures and policies that require revision.

This kind of material has the potential to garner much positive feedback from readers and generate much activity if it is presented in the right way.

The important thing is not to overdo it with contentiousness; rather, it should keep within the bounds of what is permissible for the particular audience or venue you are addressing.

It is also helpful to have a clever and amusing edge to your postings so that people are less likely to take offense to what you have to say. As long as you keep this in mind, you will be able to produce material for social media that is both highly engaging and original, and it will have the potential to spread like wildfire.


2. Find a new and interesting angle on a popular topic


The viral stuff on social media doesn’t have to be difficult to understand. Most articles that go viral use a straightforward strategy, relying instead on bright pictures or original captions to attract readers’ attention.

You can make your post go viral if you employ the appropriate tactics and approach it from a novel standpoint. Find a well-known subject pertinent to the people reading your work, and then seek exciting angles to discuss it.

If you operate an animal rescue group, for instance, rather than just publishing an adoption story, think about how you might utilize comedy or sarcasm in the caption to lure people in. This will help you get more engagement.

Consider finding a means to express the more visually appealing information, such as by designing an infographic that shows adoption figures over time. You may develop blogs that are likely to go viral if you take alternative approaches to similar issues and come up with intriguing ideas that attract an audience’s attention.


3. Tell a story that will resonate with your audience


Telling a story that resonates with your audience is key to creating viral social media content. The elements of a great story– characters, setting, conflict, resolution– can help you craft engaging content that will have people talking. It’s essential to remember that stories don’t necessarily need to be long and complicated; sometimes, simple narratives can work just as well.

To develop a compelling story for your content, consider the type of message you want to communicate and what sort of experience or emotion you want readers to feel after they read it.

Once you figure out these details, start thinking about how your main character would interact with the world around them and how the overall narrative should progress. It’s also helpful to consider how the story could tie in with your brand or product.

If you’re stuck for ideas, it may help to look at stories from other brands and see what has worked well for them. You can also take inspiration from literature, movies, and TV shows that have resonated with audiences across different cultures and generations.

No matter what story you tell, make sure it reflects your brand’s voice, values, and mission. That way, readers can sense a strong connection between your story and your brand’s message. With creativity and storytelling flair, you can create content that captivates your audience and takes your social media presence to the next level.


4. Use humor, but make sure it’s appropriate for your brand


When producing content with the potential to become viral, making use of comedy is an excellent strategy. Adding a little bit of humor to your social media posts, whether in the form of a clever meme or a quip, is a great way to make them more memorable and shareable with your audience.

It is essential to remember that the information you post should be relevant to your business if you want people to interact with your posts and not be put off by them.

Therefore, keep the jokes light-hearted and avoid saying anything considered too contentious. When used correctly, amusing material may be an effective tool for helping your company stand out from the competition and increase its visibility on the internet.


5. Keep it short and sweet – people won’t want to read a long post


If you want to generate material that goes viral on social media, keep it succinct and to the point. People prefer to read a shorter blog article since these posts are more attention-grabbing than shorter ones.

Instead, putting your energy into producing succinct and straightforward material would be best. People are more likely to interact with anything that can be read in a short amount of time and doesn’t require them to invest an excessive amount of time or effort to comprehend the topic.

Strive to write succinct blogs to the point while engaging enough for readers to want to share and comment on them. Think about posting hilarious gifs, insightful quotations, or trivia questions. These posts can be excellent discussion starters and will encourage people to participate in your material!

Experiment with various content formats to determine which ones perform the best for you about the kind of audience you are aiming to attract.


Bottom Line


Content goes viral for a variety of reasons. It could be funny, relatable, informative, or just plain interesting. If you want to increase your chances of creating content that goes viral on social media, try one of these methods:  write about current trends, be raw and vulnerable, show instead of tell with video or images, focus on positive emotions, or tap into people’s sense of FOMO.

Use analytics to track which types of content perform best with your audience, and keep experimenting until you find something that works. Creating viral social media content takes time, effort, and trial and error – but it’s worth it when you see your numbers skyrocket.

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