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Ebooki do pobrania
Ebooki do pobrania

Challenges in building and managing a turquoise company

The book by Ewelina Maria Kołoda, CEO of Nakatomi LLC, serves as a comprehensive guide for those interested in running a teal company. Drawing from her extensive business experience, the author provides 20 key insights that can serve as a foundation for success in building a sustainable and innovative organization. In her book, Kołoda focuses on the essence of the teal approach to business, which emphasizes the harmonious integration of ecological, social, and economic values. The author encourages entrepreneurs to create companies that not only generate profits but also contribute to the well-being of society and the environment.


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Ebooki do pobrania

How to use pinterest for business

To start moving traffic and making purchases, you now have all the tools you need from your Pinterest account! Making the transition to a Pinterest for Company profile is a chance you won’t want to miss with more than 200 million people on the site.

It’s the best venue with lots of buying power to highlight the name, company, and goods to a dedicated marketplace. And you’re already taking all the correct steps to set up a gorgeous Pinterest account that appeals to your target audience with all the hints and tips in this guide.


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