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Buzz Marketing

Buzz marketing, otherwise known as whisper marketing, is an important and effective tool for promoting a company. In the essence, it means creating and moderating discussions that relate to the profile/industry of the client and their product on the market. Thanks to buzz marketing, we reach consumers from previously designated target groups.
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Buzz marketing or recommendation marketing is playing the role of a client and starting threads or participating in a discussion. Interactions (even controversial ones) on specialized portals/forums play the most important role. Consumers like to get involved, to throw themselves into a whirlwind of polemics, as long as the topic is interesting. Lively discussion causes people to absorb more information. And the longer this discussion goes on, the better for our brand because information about our promotion will spread and circulate.

Importantly, buzz marketing brings huge effects – here the potential user (perhaps for the first time) sees the brand’s recommendation on the Internet.

Starting threads
Commenting on posts
Participation in the discussion
Recommending products

Buzz Marketing

1. Authenticity

One of the rules for commenting on a topic is being natural and knowledgeable of the topic. Any artificial or forced response will be treated as unnecessary or simply spam. Be careful with the content of the comments you write. Internet users become more aware of the methods of promotion and are filtering junk content.
Buzz marketing - Nakatomi Marketing Agency - Authenthicity

2. Latest information

What does buzz marketing give you? Certainly, the discussion about the brand’s products is present in various valuable industry threads. How is this happening? All thanks to Internet monitoring, which allows you to detect the activities of the competition or the user’s path and the tone of their statements about the product or brand. This in turn allows you to adjust your action strategy.
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3. No SPAM

Knowledge of the topic, being up to date, authenticity. How do you choose sellers on Amazon? You are guided by several positive opinions. It is the same with the credibility of users on forums. The more active a person is, the more trust their comments inspire. That is why we have been keeping our accounts for years.
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4. Social trust

Buzz marketing is about becoming a credible and trustworthy source of information. When reading an opinion or a discussion about a product or brand, the recipient becomes convinced that the product is suitable for them. Therefore, by informing about new products and starting threads, for example asking about a given product from the Internet user level, we increase trust and interest in the brand.
Buzz marketing - Nakatomi Marketing Agency - Social trust

5. Subject

It should be remembered that the benefits may be brought by entries that relate to the industry or the offer presented by the company. If the forum or topic does not fit the theme of our promotion, it’s not worth forcing our link where it does not belong and would not be found. It’s worth sticking to the designated topic and not leaving comments unrelated to the promotion/brand on the Internet.
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We focus on the topic
And most importantly - we stick to it. The first and most common way to search for information on the Internet is to use the Google search engine. The user enters a phrase that interests them and then checks the opinions about companies displayed in searches. Only valuable, lively, fresh topics have a chance to attract attention.
We are systematic
The key in buzz marketing is regularity - we must ensure systematic publication of opinions, entries, and activity on forums. With Nakatomi, you don't have to worry about it, we are involved in your buzz marketing at every step of the campaign. Our team regularly publishes entries and comments so that your brand is always present where its recipient is.
We operate globally
We conduct word-of-mouth marketing in 17 languages, always adjusting our tone and statements to the culture and customs of a given country. We operate on local forums and portals. We have experience in creating buzz in both Scandinavia and the United States, up to Asia. If you are looking for a comprehensive foreign expansion agency, contact us.
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Buzz marketing in the US - Nakatomi Marketing Agency

Buzz marketing in the US

We will promote your company in the United States - we know very well how to create credible entries on the best American forums and portals. We know the specifics of the local customs and we can translate them into reliable buzz marketing.
Buzz marketing Internationally - Nakatomi Marketing Agency

Buzz marketing abroad

Buzz marketing abroad requires excellent language skills and knowledge of the market.
Thanks to our team of committed translators and specialists in marketing, we create the buzz that will help you promote yourself internationally.
Buzz marketing in Poland- Nakatomi Marketing Agency

Buzz marketing in Poland

We run buzz marketing on forums, portals, and social media. We publish new threads, comment on entries and ask questions in groups. Everything in a natural way, without any intrusive advertising. Thanks to this, we attract attention to the brand and its offer.
Buzz marketing in Norway - Nakatomi Marketing Agency

Buzz marketing in Norway

Norway is one of the few countries that monitors internet forums and does not allow arbitrary entries. We create real word of mouth marketing based on valuable opinions of real customers. As a result, the brand inspires more trust.
Buzz marketing in Sweden - Nakatomi Marketing Agency

Buzz marketing in Sweden

When reaching your Swedish contractors, ask them for an opinion about your company if they were satisfied with your services. The effectiveness of such campaigns is much higher than creating automatic entries.
Buzz marketing in Finland - Nakatomi Marketing Agency

Buzz marketing in Finland

We conduct advanced buzz marketing campaigns in Finland. The difficulty of whispering in Finland is that it imposes statutory penalties for false opinions. In the case of Nakatomi - feedback is collected from customers.

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