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About 87% of internet users in the US use the Google search engine. That's why it has such great marketing power. Effectiveness, reaching the right audience, and drawing attention to the company - all this is guaranteed with advertising campaigns in Google Ads. This is one of the core elements of digital marketing.
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Advertising in
Google Ads

Advertising in Google Ads campaigns allows us to create text, images, videos, and product ads. According to statistics, the number of clicks on sponsored content does not differ significantly from the number of hits on organic results. The key is to use this potential – choosing the type of advertisement that will realistically affect the achievement of the set goal, setting keywords and negative keywords, and setting a bid that will help us win the auction.

At Nakatomi, we will create and optimize an effective Google Ads campaign for you. We have numerous certificates, as well as the status of a Google partner, which confirms our expertise and experience in creating campaigns in the search engine. Thanks to our help, you will be able to focus on the very operation of your company – we will take care of its effective promotion.
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Million page views per month
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Why Google Ads

Google Ads campaigns run by our agency are one of the most important parts of our services. Thanks to the advertisement in the search engine, we can reach recipients who are looking for inquiries related to the activity of a given brand – i.e. recipients who are most likely to be interested in our service.

Advertising in Google Ads is also a very quick way to promote a business. Compared to the activities related to organic website positioning, Google Ads campaigns give us almost instant clicks on the ad and redirection to the target website.

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We are
A Google partner

We have the status of a Google Partner, which confirms that the Google Ads campaigns run by our agency are maintained at the highest level. This status is granted to agencies that care about high optimization of their campaigns, constantly run campaigns (which can be confirmed by expenses), and whose employees have relevant Google Ads certificates.

What does this mean for our customers?

Working with Nakatomi, our clients can be sure of the effectiveness of their Google Ads campaigns. With ever-changing algorithms and new opportunities emerging, it’s important to work with an agency that is up-to-date and knows how to adapt to the current situation. Nakatomi guarantees it, and the Google Partner status is proof of that.

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Kampanie reklamowe w Google Ads - Certyfikat z reklamy w sieci wyszukiwania
Kampanie reklamowe w Google Ads - Certyfikat z reklamy w sieci reklamowej
Kampanie reklamowe w Google Ads - Certyfikat z reklamy produktowej

Main types of
Google Ads Campaigns

Search Engine Campaigns

Search Engine Campaigns

With a search engine campaign, your business will appear at the top of the search results when a user types in a specific phrase. They increase website traffic and conversions.
Display Ads Campaigns

Display Ads Campaigns

Display campaigns are campaigns in the Google Ads advertising network. Thanks to a large reach, your product will be effectively remembered by your audience.
Shopping Campaigns

Shopping Campaigns

We create shopping campaigns for stores. Thanks to combining the image and the price of your product we reach recipients who are looking for similar results on the web.
YouTube Campaigns

YouTube Campaigns

YouTube video campaigns work great for building brand awareness and increasing audience engagement. Moreover, they are suitable for any industry.

Google Ads campaigns in the US

Appropriate settings for Google Ads (formerly AdWords) campaigns are the key to effective actions. The selection of keywords, the use of the optimal type of advertisement, or setting a conversion directly translates into the effectiveness of the campaign. So far, we have conducted campaigns in the US for over $ xxx, where we promoted over xxx companies.

Google Ads campaigns in Europe

We run Google Ads campaigns not only in the US but also in Europe, where our agency started. We know the specificity of marketing in the local market, and we also have knowledge acquired through many years of experience working overseas. We work with the Polish Nakatomi team to create the most effective advertising campaigns possible.

Google Ads campaigns in
32 countries & 11 languages

How is it possible that we create Google Ads campaigns in 32 countries around the world? Our marketing agency conducts global activities thanks to cooperation with local market research companies, translators, and native speakers. At the moment, our team is supported by over 30 translators speaking 11 languages, and our advertising covers all continents.
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