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Social Media campaigns are nowadays the basic pillar of a multi-platform marketing. Why is it worth keeping a company profile on social media?
Social Media Campaigns - Nakatomi Marketing Agency
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Why Social Media

Every year, social media campaigns are becoming more and more important in marketing. This is due to the ongoing digitization and the ever-growing number of people spending their time on social media. The KEPIOS report from 2022 says about 4.62 billion users, i.e. more than half of the world’s population. Why are these numbers important? The goal of marketing is to reach the customer exactly where he is, so on social media.

Boosting your reach
Growing brand trust
Increasing conversions

Running social media campaigns is not only about selecting a platform and creating interesting content. Choosing the right message and type of advertisement for the stage on the shopping path, targeting, and budget optimization are skills that take months or even years to master.

Cooperation with the Nakatomi marketing agency is a guarantee of professional service of the company profile in every aspect. Our social media specialists are fluent in the latest social media trends. They also constantly develop their skills so that your brand is always up to date.

The tone of communication and content is adapted to the respective channels and communication strategy of the company.

In Nakatomi, we take care of your business by thinking about actions aimed at clear goals. We start by creating a communication strategy that defines these goals and ways to achieve them. Our clients receive a report every month, thanks to which they can be sure of the effectiveness of the agency’s work.

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Americans use Social Media
Average time spent on SM daily
Billions spent yearly on SM ads
People research brands on SM

Profit from Social Media Campaigns







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Social Media


We run profiles and fan groups on Facebook, creating engaging text and graphic content. We maintain contact with the audience and moderate the comments, taking care of the good image of your company.


We create aesthetic and eye-catching graphic content that will attract the audience and raise interest in your products. We follow trends and use popular hashtags to ensure that your brand is always on top.


We use Twitter for direct contact with your clients and Real-Time Marketing. In this way, we gain the trust of your potential customers and maintain their loyalty, while strengthening the brand image.


We create unique video ads in cooperation with professional studios. With us, you will reach your audience at the lowest possible cost on the most popular video streaming platform.


We generate valuable B2B leads thanks to precise tools on LinkedIn. We run campaigns tailored to each stage of the sales funnel so that your company gains new partners.


We work with photographers and graphic designers to create unique graphic content promoting your business. Pinterest is most valuable in beauty and fashion industries.
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