Web Development
And Design

The websites we create conlude our work on building a strong brand. A team of web developers, graphic designers, copywriters and UX testers will take care of every detail of your website to attract customers and support sales.
Tworzenie i projektowanie stron internetowych - baner
Tworzenie i projektowanie stron internetowych - baner
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Web development
With Nakatomi

Creating and designing websites is part of our comprehensive offer for newly established companies and brands that want to refresh their image.

1. Visual identity

The first step is to determine the visual identity of the brand. This is especially important in the case of newly established companies or projects that need a logo, brand colors, or a general graphic style corresponding to the industry and target. A coherent visual concept is the basis for being remembered by your audience.
Web Development - Nakatomi Marketing Agency - Visual Identity

2. Site map

Creating a site map means determining the main customer needs. At this stage, we try to answer the following questions: What will the client look for on this website? What information is necessary for him to purchase a product? Thanks to such analysis, we can effectively plan a map of tabs and their content.
Web Development - Nakatomi Marketing Agency - Site map

3. Graphic design

The graphic design combines the visual identification of the brand and the site map into a coherent concept. Thanks to our designers, the website will be legible, responsive and easy to navigate. For clients who want to be able to make independent changes to the website in the future, we select the appropriate WordPress template and adapt it to the aesthetics and needs of the brand.
Web Development - Nakatomi Marketing Agency - Graphic design

4. Web development

We entrust the development of the website to specialists. That’s why our team is supported by front- and back-end developers, copywriters, and SEO specialists, who will take care of every aspect of the website. Depending on the needs of our clients, we are able to write a website or use the available WordPress templates. In both cases, we provide the full service necessary.
Web Development - Nakatomi Marketing Agency - coding

5. UX tests

When the website is ready, our User Experience testers play the role of the consumer by testing the purchase path and detecting potential errors. They check the convenience of using the website, its speed, operation on various devices, and many more. Thanks to this, our clients can be sure that everything will work as it should when the website is published.
Web Development - Nakatomi Marketing Agency - UX tests

6. Website publication

Our clients can count on our support in choosing the right domain and hosting. We tested many providers to find the best deals. Thanks to the comprehensive service of one agency, the website runs smoothly when published. Our clients can immediately enjoy a fully functioning website that will attract their audience.
Web Development - Nakatomi Marketing Agency - Publication

Web development
And design

Creating and designing websites is one of the elements of our offer aimed at new companies and those in need of a brand refresh. Our team includes people with different skills, who will create a showcase for your company that you can be proud of. We support the selection of appropriate content for the website, domain, and hosting, as well as the website language – in the case of companies planning to expand abroad, we translate the website into selected languages.

This is the first time you need a website and don’t know where to start? Contact us, at Nakatomi we will guide you through the entire process. Creating and designing websites is our everyday life. All we need from you is information about your company and offer, as well as open-mindedness to new ideas and suggestions. We will take care of everything else, consulting with you all stages of our work. Trust the specialists and create your first website with Nakatomi.

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